An alphabetized list of 2017 publications by KAREN C. DRAYER WILDLIFE HEALTH CENTER faculty and affiliated faculty members. 

Ajó, Fernández A.A., K.E. Hunt, M. Uhart, V. Rowntree, M. Sironi, C.F. Marón, M. Di Martino, C.L. Buck. 2018. Lifetime glucocorticoid profiles in baleen of right whale calves: potential relationships to chronic stress of repeated wounding by Kelp Gulls. Conservation Physiology 6(1): coy045; doi:10.1093/conphys/coy045

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Ziccardi, Michael H., S. Wilkin. 2018. Oil Spill Response and Effects. In CRC Handbook on Marine Mammal Medicine, 3rd Ed., Gulland F, Dierauf L, Whitman, K eds., CRC Press, 1124 Pages.

This is a growing list that does not necessarily contain all WHC-affiliated publications from 2018.