Evotis 2.0

Starting in March, we have made some changes to the delivery schedule of Evotis: Rather than batching together a themed volume to be published quarterly throughout the year, we will deliver you one feature story every month. Our approach to storytelling -- in-depth and rich with multimedia -- will not change. 

The reason for the new delivery schedule is simple: We are, first and foremost, a research institution. The One Health Institute's goal with Evotis is to translate important science and share it with the world. Taking it one story at a time, month by month, serves that mission clearly and directly. This schedule change will not only allow us to plan content around upcoming research and publications, but also to nimbly react to major news events like oil spills and disease outbreaks without being bound by the constraints of an editorial calendar or a planned theme. 

This month's story is about raccoons in California that have been mysteriously dying of brain tumors. Check it out, and subscribe to our newsletter if you want a monthly reminder about each story we publish. (If you already receive the Evotis newsletter, no action required). 

Thank you,
Justin Cox, Editor