Yellow Fever in Bolivian Howler Monkeys

PREDICT helped identify and respond to a Yellow Fever outbreak in March of 2012 after five howler monkey carcasses were found near a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Bolivia. Two of the five monkeys were necropsied at the Municipal Zoo in La Paz, and PCR conducted on liver samples revealed that they were infected by a flavivirus.

VIDEO: The Fruit Bats of Kathmandu

“The fruit bats have been hanging out in the trees in Lazimpat for as long as I can remember,” said Joshi, who has lived in Kathmandu her entire life. “There are other bat sites around the city, but the challenge is to find one where we can get good samples. On these streets you have people walking directly under the bats exposing them to the droppings.”

HealthMap: PREDICT's Pretty Face

For the first time our PREDICT teams could share the fruits of 4+ years of labor sampling bushmeat and capturing bats, rodents, and non-human primates with our partners and the global public.