Volume 7 of Evotis features some of our programs and projects taking place in California. Several of these are the product of years of collaboration, while others are in their infancy.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network, which has been caring for wildlife in oil spills since the 90s, was called into action this Spring when a coastal pipeline ruptured in Santa Barbara, threatening the lives of many sea lions, pelicans and more. Meanwhile, the team is currently expanding their response efforts to cover inland oil spills as well, in response to the rapid rise of oil transport by rail in the wake of fracking. This volume also features a project about a cat parasite that kills sea otters -- a massive team effort that illustrates the collaborative foundation of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center and the One Health Institute. To receive future volumes, subscribe!

how a cat parasite kills otters

a lake toxin that poisons the sea

Oil by Rail & danger for wildlife

video: into the refugio oil spill

tracking pelicans post-oil spill